When is a push-type wheelchair is a reasonable choice for me?

Push-type wheelchairs (also known as transport or transit wheelchairs) have small rear wheels which makes them far more compact and lighter than the standard wheelchairs with large rear wheels. The STRONGBACK Excursion with a weight of just 9 kg (depending on the configuration) can be folded in seconds and conveniently fit into any car trunk. It is also a good option forusers who cannot move themselves easily using the large rear wheels.

However, overcoming obstacles like curbs is easier with larger wheels. Therefore, a push-type wheelchair is a reasonable choice especially if one moves predominantly on level surfaces or indoors.
A restaurant visit is an occasion on which the STRONGBACK Excursion can demonstrate all of its advantages: It can quickly and easily be stored away in the car trunk and is ready for use in the blink of an eye. Its short armrests allow the user to move conveniently close to the table andsit upright with a strong healthy posture. Thanks to its subtle color and its stylishly curved shape, the chair appears less like a wheelchair and more like a designer chair.

What size wheels should I buy?

As can be seen in the image below, the small wheels (8inch/20cm) are a little lighter, allowing the chair to be folded into its most compact size, and are great for indoor use. The medium wheels (12inch/30cm) are a bit heavier resulting in a slightly larger folded size, and are the best for outdoor use where there may be rougher terrain.

What size seat should I buy?

We have three seat sizes available in most models. The smaller seat measures 16″/40 cm across, while the regular measures 18″/45 cm across, and the large measures 20”/51 cm across. Obviously a larger person will need the larger seat. The smaller seat width, however, makes a smaller overall chair, which maneuvers more easily in narrow places such as a restaurant or around furniture in your apartment at home, so you may want to choose the smallest size that still works comfortably for you.

Seat Sizes

How easy is it to get into and out of the chair?

We have kept ease of entry and exit in mind when designing this chair. The footrests can either swing around and away or be removed completely. The curved waterfall front of the seat not only prevents leg pinching, but also provides a level area where you can sit before fully entering or exiting the chair. The correct seated posture encouraged in a strück wheelchair places the user in a position of strength where it is much easier to stand up – in normal wheelchairs the poor seated posture forces the user into a slouched position making it more difficult to stand and unfold the body into an erect position.

What is the easiest way to fold the chair up?

You will first want to fold down the back and then pull up on the center front and back of the seat fabric.

How big is the chair, exactly?