The STRONGBACK wheelchair was conceived by entrepreneur Ladd Lougee in 2010 when he realized his STRONGBACK technology could greatly assist wheelchair users who suffer from back pain.  Joined by Dr. Christian Grothe in 2013, the team of two meticulously perfected their wheelchair after many trials and errors.  The result of their efforts is a wheelchair heralded as “The New Standard of Comfort” due to it’s ergonomic shape that promotes a healthy seated posture and provides unrivaled back-support comfort.  STRONGBACK Wheelchairs are also of the highest quality construction, stylish, lightweight, and easy to use.

In 2015 Grothe and Lougee co-founded Strongback Mobility AG in Zurich, Switzerland where they began to sell their product for the first time.  STRONGBACK Wheelchairs are now distributed and available from various partners around the globe, including the USA (by sister company Strongback Mobility USA LLC), Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Australia.

In 2017-2018 their flagship product, the STRONGBACK 24 manual wheelchair, was recognized for its excellence in design and quality by declared a German Design Award 2018 Winner and winning the prestigious HME Innovative Product Award 2017.

Strongback Mobility has been joined by several new employees and looks forward to continuous growth as they make life more comfortable and enjoyable for those with mobility assistance needs.